For every kind of commercial and residential construction project, there’s what you envision and what you end up with.

Making sure the two are seamlessly aligned is what we at TONYC specialize in.

As your Owner’s Representative, our mission is clear.
To manage your project at every step so that your vision is realized, without compromise.

Who is TONYC?

TONYC was founded by Marina Faelli and Elisabetta Milan. Originally from Turin, Italy, but now based in New York City, they bring their diverse experience, expertise and dedication to representing residential and commercial clients in New York and Italy.

Who is Tonyc? Marina Faelli e Elisabetta Milan

Marina Faelli
Marina has nearly two decades of experience in managing residential and commercial construction projects in New York. As the project manager for a number of prestigious general contracting firms, she oversaw many high-end projects, from the full-gut renovation of a seven-floor landmark Manhattan residence to a Philippe Starck designed flagship bookstore in Soho. As general manager of the US Division of a leading French Millwork firm, she has led projects for The Hudson Hotel and an Alain Ducasse restaurant. She is also the founder of an architectural restorations company in Italy that focused on landmark 17th and 18th century church interiors and historic private residencies.

Elisabetta Milan
Elisabetta has over 10 years experience in event management, budget management and corporate communications for Lavazza, one of Italy’s leading beverage brands. As head of their Events Department she was directly responsible for planning and controlling a six million dollar plus budget, as well as bringing together and leading different teams through project initiatives both in Italy and Europe. She also knows first hand what is it is like to be a commercial owner undertaking a major construction project. As the co-owner and general manager of one of Turin’s most prestigious cafes, she planned and oversaw a major expansion of its space.


At TONYC, we believe the quality of any finished project is reflected in how well it is managed. For us, excellence in management comes from fully understanding the client, applying our experience and providing leadership.

Understanding You, The Client
We appreciate every client is unique, each with their own needs, concerns and involvement preferences. And so our approach, as your owner’s representative, is to first comprehensively understand your vision and priorities. It helps us ensure your best interests are always at the heart of every decision made, at every step in the process.

Applying Our Experience and Proven Know How
At TONYC, we have a large amount of experience in construction and service management. We know what to expect from contractors and designers, how long their work should take, what it should cost, and how to evaluate it. Our experience means we can recognize and avoid the issues that typically occur and quickly come up with solutions to those problems unique to the project at hand.

Providing Clear Leadership
Every project comes with its own set of tasks and personnel. But for each, one thing is critical – leadership. Without it miscommunication ensues, deadlines are missed and standards drop. At TONYC, we assume the responsibility to bring together everyone involved into one tight team. To make sure everyone fully understands what is expected of them and when.

TONYC Services

Construction projects tap into our spirit of doing and improving. But making sure your expectations are fully met is easier said than done. It requires managing multiple responsibilities, from supervising your team to overseeing budgets and maintaining schedules. And the truth is most owners have neither the time nor the expertise to completely manage this process. This is what we do best.

  • Source the best Architects, Engineers and Contractors

  • Manage bids for General Contractors and negotiate all the contracts

  • Maintain tight coordination of Design and Construction teams

  • Facilitate clear communication in a timely manner amongst all parties

  • Evaluate and execute change orders

  • Monitor budgets and track schedules

  • Supervise the team’s performance to ensure highest standards are being met at every stage

  • Take care of any moving requirements for residential and commercial clients


150 North 5th Street #3A, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Skype: tonycnewyork

Elisabetta Milan:  +1 212 361 9858

Marina Faelli: +1 646 441 7549